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Riesa & Harold Howard Estate and works from the Theodore Bikel Collection

Auction June 10th, 2017





after Marc Chagall (1887-1985) French

MUCSARNOK (S. 132), 1972, Sorlier color lithograph poster, sheet 34 x 22”, published by Mourlot, framed, in apparently good condition, from the collection of Theodore Bikel.  $200/400





Edgar Chahine (1874-1947) & Edouard Vuillard (1868-1940) & Others (nine)

Edgar Chahine SAN NICHOLO VENICE, 1923, engraving, signed in pencil, numbered 16/100, plate 7 ½ x 11 Ό”, sheet 9 ½ x 14”, with Duroy stamps in the left margin; Edouard Vuillard PAUL LEAUTAUD (RM. 60), 1934, lithograph, proof aside from the edition of 150, image 7 ½ x 5 ½”, sheet 15 x 11”, pale speckling; Augustus John EMMA, etching, initialed in the plate lower left, 5 ½ x 3 Ύ”, sheet 8 Ό x 6 Ό”, with heavy toning on verso, foxing throughout; Pierre Bonnard BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT, lithograph printed in red on buff paper, 6 Ό x 4 Ύ”, tape stains on verso, discoloration, small loss lower right corner; In the style of Paul Berthon FEMME, color lithograph with embossing, insignia or initials embossed lower left, sight 6 x 8 ½”, framed with glass and in apparently good condition; Johann Wolfgang Baumgartner LANDSCAPE, etching, signed in pencil, numbered 25/100, plate 5 x 7”, full margins, minor discoloration and a few speckles; Bicknell after Howard Pyle SCHOLARS, engraving mounted to card, signed in pencil lower right, canceled plate engraving of same subject mounted to verso, 22 ½ x 14”, loss upper margins; Paul Rajon PORTRAIT OF FELIX BRACQUEMOND, engraving, image 8 x 5 ½”, full margins, speckles and some discoloration; E. S. Lumden CASTLE ROCK I, etching, sheet 8 x 9 Ό”, possibly signed in pencil lower left, small loss in lower right margin, Otherwise all in good or apparently good condition. (9)  $300/600





Chinese Alter Box

19th century Altar box with black lacquered hexagonal cover with gold painted narrative, inside is carved wood altar piece, partially gilt, overall 9 Ύ” x 13 ½” x 5 Ύ”, in good aged condition.  $200/400





Chinese Censer

Carved and reticulated onion green incense burner flanked with dragon handles and ringlets, 6” tall, in good condition.  $200/400





Chinese Cloisonnι (twelve)

Four part butterfly box 2” x 8” x 5”; Three-piece tobacco set with dragon motif includes a 3” jar and 4” tray and 2 ½” box, the first two inscribed China underneath; Two round boxes 3 ½” and 2” diameters; Two vases 9 ½” and 7 ½” tall, one floral and the other bird motif, one inscribed China and the other with export stamp and hallmark; A lidded pear jar 4” tall; A sensor 8 ½” tall with wood stand with export seal; A bowl with crane motif and wood stand with Made in China label underneath 5 Ό” diameter; Stacked cups with whimsical motif 4” tall with export seal and sticker, small amount of degradation to lower bowl and some losses underneath and on interior cup; All in otherwise good aged or good condition. (12)  $300/600





Chinese Figural Carvings (four)

Carved lapis lazuli statue of Guanyin 5 ½” with wood stand; Carved turquoise group of two beauties with flower and lotus 3 Ό” tall plus small wood stand appraised by I.M. Chait in 1988 for $450; Carved stone fisherman 6” tall; Carved stone Sage figural stamp 2 Ύ”; All in good condition. (4)  $500/1000





Chinese Jadeite

Carved apple green and lavender jadeite urn and cover with dragon and fish and cranes in open work high relief, 9 Ό” tall, 10 ½” with wood stand, appraised by I.M. Chait in 1988 for $12,500, in good condition.  $2000/4000





Chinese Plique a Jour Plates (two)

Pair of blue and green translucent plique a jour enameled lotus form and round plates with stands, 8 Ό” and 6 Ό” diameters, in good aged condition. (2)  $100/200





Chinese Porcelain (four)

FOUR BEAUTIES, painted and glazed ceramic figurines with elegant fingers and details, 12 Ό” to 8” tall, inscriptions and stamps underneath, some dust accumulation, one has small inconspicuous reattached chip at base, otherwise in apparently good condition. (4)  $300/600





Chinese Roof Tiles (two)

Pair of enameled ceramic roof tiles in 17th century late Ming style with Plexiglas stands, 16 ½” tall, 13 Ύ” tall with stand, in good condition. (2)  $200/400





Chinese Roof Tile

Chinese enameled ceramic of a standing Mandarin with painted wood stand, 24 ½” overall, has surface soiling and small cracks otherwise in good aged condition, Provenance: Vertu of Beverly Hills 1983.  $200/400





Contemporary Artist Unidentified

UNTITLED, oil painting with sand on canvas, signed Pela*gou*e? upper right and on verso, 47 ½ x 39 ½”, framed, in good studio condition.  $300/600





Salvador Dali (1904-1989) Spanish

LOVE’S DESTINY (M. 1501; F. 76-3 B), color lithograph, signed in pencil, numbered 66/150, sheet 29 Ύ x 21 Ό”, published by Levine & Levine, printed by Dumas, framed with glass, in apparently good condition.  $1000/2000





Salvador Dali (1904-1989) Spanish (seven)

FAUST (F. 69-1-C, D, E, F, G, H, I), 1969, seven etchings on 15 x 22” sheets booked folded to 15 x 11”, unnumbered from the total edition of 731, six with text in German on secondary page, one with text on image page, all with authentication stamp and signed by Bruce Hochman OS (Order of Salvador) on verso, all in good condition. (7)  $400/800





Bill Day (20th/ 21st Century) American

UNTITLED DETROIT FREE PRESS, 1998, ink drawing on paper with moray and whiteout ink, signed and dated and inscribed in ink, image 9 ½ x 14”, framed with glass, in apparently good production condition.  $100/200





Chancay & Fetish Dolls (four)

Pair of Chancay rag dolls in Lucite case overall 14 Ύ” x 12 Ό” x 5”, in good aged condition; Together with Ethnic Fetish rag doll in a shadow box frame overall 12 ½” x 7 ½” x 3”, in apparently good condition; Together with African Namji fetish doll of carved wood with beads and other adornments 8 Ύ” tall with Plexiglas stand, in good aged condition. (4)  $200/400





Egyptian Textile

BALANCING SCALES, hand stitched multicolor textile, 34” x 61” in Plexiglas box frame, in apparently good condition.  $200/400





Enameled Metal figures (four)

Perched parrot, parade elephant with sedan chair, elephant with beaded earrings, standing brass elephant flask, four metal statues, three are ornately decorated in enamel with beads and stones, sizes 5 ½” to 7 Ό”, beaded elephant has some losses to one ear, otherwise in good condition. (4)  $500/1000





Erte (1892-1990) French

DAYDREAM (L. 55.), 1986, embossed color screenprint with foil stamping, signed in pencil, numbered 35/115 Roman numerals, sight 11 ½ x 25”, published by Chalk Vermilion Fine Arts, printed by Chromacomp NY, Martin Lawrence label on back, framed, in apparently good condition.  $300/600





Erte (1892-1990) French

BALCONY (L. 33), 1989, embossed color screenprint with foil stamping, signed in pencil, numbered 18/300, sight 35 ½ x 25”, published by Chalk Vermilion Fine Arts, printed by Chromacomp NY, Martin Lawrence Edition label on back, framed, in apparently good condition.  $400/800





Erte (1892-1990) French

SALON (L. 38), 1986, embossed color screenprint with foil stamping, signed in pencil, numbered 38/45, image 16 x 24”, full margins, published by Chalk Vermilion Fine Arts, printed by Chromacomp NY, Martin Lawrence Edition label on back, framed, in apparently good condition.  $300/600





Ethnic Batiks (two)

MARKET SCENE; TWO WOMEN, batiks on silk, 45” x 24 ½” and 28” x 21 ½”, the latter signed and dated Kimi ‘70 lower right, both framed and in good studio condition. (2)  $100/200





Ethnic Carved Horns and Rattle (three)

Carved horn shaped flask depicting five riders on a creature 21” in length; Together with a small flask of carved bone and wood depicting a man praying 10 ½” in length; Together with a carved wood rattle with metal bells and a twine wristband with a metal endcap overall 11” extended; All in good used aged condition. (3)  $200/400





Ethnic Sculpture Collection from Haiti & others (ten)

Eight cut metal sculptures: Serge Jolimeau (b. 1952), LION, 26 x 35 x 9 ½”, signed; G. Bien-Aime, DANCING MAN UNDER TREE 35 x 16 x 7 ½”, DANCING LEAF MAN 14 x 6 x 1”, STANDING MAN WITH RAISED ARMS AND CIRCLES 22 ½ x 9 x 9”, all signed; Wilner Etheart, DANCING COUPLE, 7 x 6”, signed, DANCING COUPLE II, 7 x 6 x 3 Ό”, signed; Murat Brierre (1938-1988), FIGURE, 20 Ύ x 9”, signed; Artist Unidentified WOMAN WITH RAISED ARMS, 7 x 8 x 2 ½”, illegibly signed and inscribed Haiti, All in good aged condition, some weathered; African Sculpture, FAMILY TOTEM, dark wood with light bark carved wood, 24 Ό” tall; Origin unidentified MEN-BIRDS, carved wood sculpture, 24 Ό” tall; both in good condition. (10)  $300/600





Ethnic Textiles (ten)

VILLAGE SCENE hand woven wool tapestry with tassel trim on bottom and loops on top overall 52 ½” x 33 ½”; Together with Native American woven wool rug 46” x 24” with repetitive pattern of a dancing figure, some dust accumulation; Together with Ornate pattern beaded belt band with tassels 20” long and 25” wide with additional waist ties; Together with an ornamental beaded pattern wrist wrap with 18” sleeve and additional 36” of string beads, overall 54”; Together with five hand woven bags with various colorful patterns, average 30” with handle, one has degradation at top of handle; Together with Mirrored pattern on thin fabric probably for table use, 52 ½” x 22”, some sun toning; Otherwise all in good and good used condition. (10)  $200/400


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