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Riesa & Harold Howard Estate and works from the Theodore Bikel Collection

Auction June 10th, 2017





Mark X. Farina (20th/ 21st Century) Californian (two)

FOLLOW THE MONEY, 2009, aerosol paint and screenprint on canvas, initialed and dated and titled on stretcher bars, 16 x 16”, a few smudges and scuffs; ELVIS, THE UNTOLD STORY, color screenprint, initials stamped lower right, 14 ½ x 19 ½”, framed; Otherwise both in good studio condition. (2)  $200/400





Juan Genoves (b. 1930) Spanish (six)

VARIOUS, six etchings, each signed in pencil, from numbered editions of 92, sheets 19 Ύ x 26”, all with soft handling creases, foxing, tideline staining, discoloration, otherwise all in good condition. (6)  $200/400





Geode Bird Carvings (nine)

A collection of eight various stone carved birds on geode or quartz, 6 ½” to 2 ½” tall, one bird needs foot pins realigned; Together with an agate carved duck, 4 ½” long; All in apparently good condition. (9)  $200/400





German Expressionists and style prints (nine)

Richard Muller UNTITLED (Bone Doctor), 1918, etching, signed in pencil, numbered 31/50, beveled plate 6 Ύ x 16 ½” sheet 11 x 19 ½”; Wilhelm Lehmbrook NUDE WOMAN, etching, inscribed or signed lower right, plate 7 x 9 Ό” sheet 11 ½ x 15 ½”, losses at right sheet edge; Artist Unidentified BATHERS, 1913, woodblock print, signed and dated lower right, losses lower right and lower left corner margins, sheet 12 ½ x 18”; Together with five portfolio prints, sheets 13 ½ x 9 Ύ”, all with printed descriptive line on verso, artists include Karl Caspar lithograph, Georg Ehrlich lithograph, Heinrich Nauen etching, Frans Masereel woodcut, Andre Rouveyre block print; Together with Robert Marx THREE FACES, 1965, etching, signed in pencil, numbered 42/250, image 10 x 12 Ύ” sheet 13 x 17”; All with condition issues ranging from light toning to moderate foxing. (9)  $300/600





Stan Goldberg (1932-2014) New York

BETTY AND ME, THE TEEN QUEEN SUPREME, 200th ISSUE, Archies Comics cover art, ink drawing and collage and blue pencil guidelines and whiteout ink on paper story-board, signed in ink, overall 14 Ύ x 9 Ό”, some discoloration, otherwise in good production condition; Together with the 200th issue comic book, all in one frame.  $200/400





Roark Gourley (b. 1950) Californian

LADY, 3-D wood and acrylic and resin construction with rhinestones, signed lower right and numbered 3/12 in gold ink, overall 26 x 37 x 2 Ό”, in Plexiglas box frame, in good studio condition.  $200/400





Roark Gourley (b. 1950) Californian

CAT, 3-D wood and acrylic and resin construction, signed lower right and numbered 28/175 in gold ink, overall 24 ½ x 43 x 5”, in good studio condition.  $200/400





Greco Roman Pottery & Egyptian Antiquities (eight)

Standing Woman, two vessels, oil lamp, and Head fragment, five earthenware antiques, two with stands, 2 ½” to 6” tall, comes with certificate and booklet from Tel Aviv shop dated 1970; Together with three small Egyptian antiquities on a Plexiglas stand, tallest is 2”; All in good aged condition. (8)  $200/400





George Grosz (1893-1959) German

VERSTIMMTE FLOTE (D. E 84), 1922, photolithograph, signed in pencil, proof aside from the numbered edition of 30 or 40, sight 20 x 14 Ύ”, framed with glass, creases and light smudges and soft handling creases, possibly small repair tear lower center sheet edge, otherwise in apparently good condition.  $500/1000





Moira Hahn (20th/21st Century) California

ELEPHANT WEARING GAS MASK, ink and color pencil on tracing paper mounted to wove paper, signed on verso, image 14 x 10 Ό”, overall 15 Ό x 15”, in good studio condition. Provenance: acquired directly from the artist by present owner.  $200/400





Lynn Hanson (20th/ 21st Century) Californian & Julienne Hsu (20th/ 21st Century) Taiwanese/ Californian (two)

Lynn Hanson DAY OF THE DEAD, watercolor and ink on buff colored paper, signed and titled, sight 8 Ό x 16 Ό”; Julienne Hsu RATED R, 2011, gouache on canvas, signed and dated and titled on verso, 16 x 16”, Both in apparently good studio condition. (2) $200/400





Frederick Hart (1943-1999) American

VISITATION (H. 67), 1989, clear acrylic resin sculpture, signed and dated and numbered 289/350 at base, 20” tall, in good condition.  $2000/4000





Frederick Hart (1943-1999) American

SOURCE (see H. 82), 1995, the half size cast bronze fountain sculpture with glass orb, signed and dated and numbered 100/175, height 32”, some minor mineral build-up from use, in good condition, pump not included.  $4000/8000





Barry Herem (b. 1941) Washington (two)

LAND OTTER MAN, 1979; SISIUTL, 1997, pair of color screenprints, the first on black paper, each signed and dated, numbered 157/195 & 77/195, sheets 11 x 29 Ύ” & 20 x 23”, both framed with glass, the second with some minor cockling, otherwise both in apparently good condition, from the collection of Theodore Bikel. (2)  $200/400





Herend & Limoges Porcelain (seven)

Herend English hand painted porcelain, a reticulated flower basket with interlay handles 11” long; A heart shaped box with appliqued flowers and handle 3 ½” tall; A rectangular box with lip top cover 6 ½” long: A cache pot 3 ½” tall; all hallmarked underneath, long box has some old scotch tape residue on lid; Together with Limoges Charles et Robert hand painted porcelain box with ormolu rim and clasp 4 ½”; Together with a pair of hand painted porcelain Limoges candle sticks with metal stands 5 ½” tall, both hallmarked underneath, soiled and some losses to the design; Otherwise all in good aged condition. (7)  $400/800





George Hermes (b. 1935) California

IT’S FOR YOU, 2015, found art assemblage sculpture, signed and dated and with artist’s love stamp, 10 Ύ x 17 Ύ x 12 ½”, in good studio condition.  $1000/2000





George Hermes (b. 1935) California

HIGH DEFINITION, found art assemblage sculpture, with artist’s love stamp and pen inscription on label, overall 25 x 22 x 10 ½”, in good studio condition.  $1000/2000




92 A

Camille Hilaire (1916-2004) French (two)

JOCKEY; NUDE, two color lithographs, each signed in pencil and inscribed E. A. (artist’ proofs), images 18 Ύ x 26 ½” & 19 ½ x 25 ½”, both with full margins and framed with glass, Nude with some faint discoloration, otherwise both in apparently good condition. (2)  $200/400





Hindu Art

DEITIES, gouache on relief carving with inlay glass, 22” x 16”, framed with glass, in apparently good condition.  $200/400





Don Hong-Oai (1929-2004) Chinese/American

UNTITLED, 1984, silver bromide print, signed and stamped upper left and lower right, sight 13 x 10 ½”, framed, in apparently good condition.  $500/1000





Tomoo Inagaki (1902-1980) Japanese

CATS, gouache on paper, signed, 4 Ύ x 3 Ύ”, framed and in good studio condition. Provenance: Floating World Gallery, Chicago.  $400/800





Tomoo Inagaki (1902-1980) Japanese

CATS, gouache on paper, signed, 5 x 3 ½”, framed and in good studio condition.  Provenance: Floating World Gallery, Chicago.  $400/800





Indian Architecture Ramnad District (early 19th Century)

HORSE BRACKET, an intricate wood carving part of an architectural scheme of a doorway of an old house, 38 ½” x 13 ½”, in good aged condition, Provenance: Aparna Art Gallery, Bangalore 1979, provenance has typo for size.  $500/1000





Indian/ Nepalese Bronze Plaques (three)

VOTIVE PLAQUES, three plaques, one bronze, two copper, two inscribed “18th Century Deccan” on verso, 4 Ύ x 4 ½”, 6 Ό x 4 Ύ” & 7 ½ x 4 ½”, each with wooden display stands, one with more wear, otherwise in good aged condition. (3)  $100/200





Indian Paintings (19th Century) (three)

Three narrative paintings on silk, 39 ½” x 29 ½”, 40 ½ x 29 ½”, 39 x 26 ½”, all have gold metal molding frames, in apparently good aged condition, one has Provenance: Milton Holland Fine Arts Beverly Hills. (3)  $300/600





Indian Ratha, Maduri (18th Century) (two)

SAGES, Pair of intricate wood carvings with staining and added wood feet for leveling, each overall 22” tall, in good aged condition Provenance: Aparna Art Gallery, Bangalore 1979. (2)  $500/1000


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