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Riesa & Harold Howard Estate and works from the Theodore Bikel Collection

Auction June 10th, 2017





Olivia De Berardinas (b. 1948) Californian

BETTY PAGE MERMAID, color lithograph on silk coated paper, signed in pencil, numbered 69/450, sheet 38 x 26”, published by Robert Bane with his and the artist’s blind stamps lower right and left, small unobtrusive soft handling crease center right near edge, otherwise in good condition.  $200/400





Esther Peretz-Arad (1921-2005) Israeli

THE PERFORMANCE, oil painting on fabric, signed lower right, 28 ½ x 38 ½”, framed, minor surface soiling, otherwise in good studio condition, from the collection of Theodore Bikel.  $500/1000





Peruvian Pictorial Quilt & Ethnic Art (two)

PAISAJE, hand quilted fabric narrative in Plexiglas box frame, overall 38” x 13 Ό x 2 ½”, in apparently good condition; Cesar Cavo Vega COTO PAXI MARKET enamel painting on stretched cloth, signed lower center, 15” x 18 Ύ”, minor surface soiling otherwise in good condition. (2)  $100/200





Acoma Pottery by Rose Chino Garcia (1928-2000)

Turtle vase, hand painted pottery, signed underneath, 7 Ύ” tall 9 ½” diameter, some surface soiling and flea bites, otherwise in good studio condition.  $200/400





Acoma Pottery by Marie Torivio

Chevron patterned pot, hand painted pottery, 7” tall 9” diameter, dust accumulation, a few flea bites, otherwise in good studio condition.  $200/400





Santa Clara Pottery by Mary Singer

Turtle, handmade and glazed black wear, signed underneath, 5” x 10” x 6”, in good studio condition.  $200/400





Pre-Columbian Art

HE OF THE ACHING BACK, Colima terra cotta figural vessel, 11” tall, with 2” wood stand, in good aged condition, Provenance: Park Bernet Galleries Auction (Affiliated with Sotheby’s) March 6, 1971 Lot 5; Museum of the American Indian Heye Foundation New York Letter of confirmation.  $2000/4000





Pre-Columbian Art

Colima terra cotta dog vessel, 9 ½” x 13 x 8 ½”, in good aged condition, Provenance: Letter of authenticity from the Jules Berman collection Los Angeles April 6, 1972 Item #2616.  $1000/2000





Pre-Columbian Art (two)

Costa Rican carved stone figure and head fragment, sizes from 14” & 4” tall, both in good aged condition. (2)  $500/800





Pre-Columbian Art

Seated male partially painted terra cotta figure, 10 x 5 ½ x 6 ½”, in good aged condition.  $500/1000





Pre-Columbian Art (three)

Three ceramic figurines, sizes from 6 ½” to 4 ½” tall, all in good aged condition. (3)  $300/600





Pre-Columbian Art (four)

Four ceramic figurines, sizes from 6 ½” to 2 ½” tall, two with repair, otherwise all in good aged condition. (4)  $200/400





Pre-Columbian Art (five)

Five ceramic fragments, sizes from 2” to 1 Ό” tall, all in good aged condition. (5)  $100/200





Pre-Columbian Art

Double chamber partially painted terra cotta vessel with bird head, 7” x 7” x 4”, repair to the neck, otherwise in good aged condition.  $200/400





Pre-Columbian Art

Seated male partially painted terra cotta vessel, 8” x 6” x 5”, some small loss underneath from quake hold removal.  $200/400





Pre-Columbian Art

Pair of seated and standing women partially painted terra cotta figurines, each 6” tall, in good aged condition.  $200/400





Pre-Columbian Art

Erotic couple partially painted terra cotta vessel, 7 ½” x 7” x 5 ½”, in apparently good aged condition.  $200/400





Pre-Columbian Art

Three Chupicuaro figures from Guanajuato, Mexico, 300 B.C. approximately 3” tall, all in one frame, Handwritten note on Essex House stationary attesting to description, 1970.  $100/200





Pre-Columbian Textile

Embroidered Inca textile fragment with cruciform designs, 20” x 20”, in good aged condition.  $400/800





Gisbert Pupp (1939-2015) Germany & Brazilian Erotica (two)

Gisbert Pupp UNTITLED, ink wash and drawing on paper, signed lower right, sight 22 x 17 ½”; Brazilian Erotica UNTITLED, 1973, color ink drawing on paper, signed and dated lower right, sight 10 ½ x 13 ½”; Both framed with glass and in apparently good studio condition. (2)  $200/400





Bill Rechin, Don Wilder & Brant Parker (20th Century) American

CROCK, 1998, ink drawing on paper with correction strip, signed in ink, overall image 3 x 10”, North America Syndicate, framed with glass, in apparently good production condition.  $200/400





Roman Glass

Four Roman glass vessels, 4 ½” to 7 Ό” tall, one with Plexiglas box, two with Plexiglas stands and a Plexiglas platform included, in good aged condition comes with handwritten note written on back of Jerusalem shop card. (4)  $500/1000





Anton Rubinstein (1829-1894) Russian

Hand-written manuscript, signed and dated 1873, along with color lithograph portrait of artist, both in one frame, overall 15 x 9”, in apparently good condition, from the collection of Theodore Bikel. Provenance: Charles Hamilton, New York, with certificate and wax seal on frame’s verso.  $200/400





Hand painted Russian Eggs (thirty)

A collection of thirty hand-painted eggs shells with geometric and free-form designs, each approximately 2 ½” tall, one cracked, otherwise all in good studio condition, from the collection of Theodore Bikel. (30)  $200/400





Marco Sassone (b. 1942) Italian

HOUSE BOAT FLOWERS, color screenprint, signed in pencil, numbered 134/200, image 23 x 24”, sheet 28 Ό x 29 Ό”, small crease upper right and lower right corners, a few soft creases visible at certain angles in raking light, otherwise in good condition.  $200/400


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